The mobile recycling rate in Spain continues below 5%

The mobile recycling rate is still below 5% in Spain, where there are more than 56 million lines of this type for 47 million citizens, according to the Jane Goodall Institute, which has collected more than 27.000 terminals within its campaign "Move around the jungle".

These data have been released today during the visit of primatologist Jane Goodall to the Science Museum of Obra Social “la Caixa” in Alcobendas (Madrid).

According to the executive director of the Jane Goodall Spain Institute (IJGE), Federico Bogdanowicz, to this “impressive” number of terminals must be added the oldest mobile phones, which are replaced and which citizens keep or throw away.

This indicates that the recycling rate is less than 5%, specifies in a note released by Obra Social "la Caixa".

"If we multiply these figures by the number of countries in the so-called developed world, the result is overwhelming," says Bogdanowicz, who adds that the exploitation of coltan, a valuable mineral used for its manufacture, that of computers and consoles, is at the heart same of the warlike conflicts that produce millions of victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

For this reason, this institute has organized the “Mobilize through the jungle” campaign, with the support of Jane Goodall, United Nations Peace Messenger and Prince of Asturias Award for Research.

One of the objectives, in addition to recycling terminals, is to raise funds for sustainable development, education and conservation programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since the start of the campaign, in 2009, 27.000 mobiles have been collected in Spain, involving dozens of schools, entities and companies.

For his part, Goodall has addressed the issues of global warming, poaching and deforestation, which "destroy the planet's lungs, affect our future and endanger thousands of species, including great apes and other primates. "

This expert has listed several reasons to believe that the future can be changed, including the strength of young people.



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