Plastic recycling increases but household appliances fall

PA The recycling of plastic containers in the city of Alicante multiplied in 2012 its figure by three compared to the previous year, going from 1,4 to 4,16 tons. The company awarded the cleaning service, Inusa, managed last year more than 2.600 tons of special waste deposited by neighbors, 6,46% more than in 2011.

Despite this slight increase, they explain from Inusa, the crisis has led to a considerable decrease in the tons of used household appliances that have been taken to the ecopark and ecopoints or have been withdrawn by the household collection service.

In 2012, residents brought more than 27 tons of electronic devices to the ecopark compared to almost 45 in 2011. The most significant decrease occurred in small electrical and electronic devices.

In addition, less quantity of certain materials has been collected, such as fluorescent tubes, scrap metal, or automotive and machinery oils; all of them with the possibility of making a profit in the market.



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