• Metal Specialists

  • Buying and selling metals

  • Over years experience 80

  • Presence in International Markets

  • Import / Export of non-ferrous metals

  • Metals Wholesaler

  • Committed to environmental regulations and requirements

Updated the 26 / 03 / 2020 Copper Quotation: $ 4775,50 / tonStock: 224375 Tn Zinc Quotation: $ 1831,50 / tonStock: 74075 Tn Lead Quotation: $ 1659,00 / tonStock: 71125 Tn Aluminum Quotation: $ 1507,50 / tonStock: 1112575 Tn Nickel Quotation: $ 11221,00 / tonStock: 229518 Tn Tin Quotation: $ 1831,50 / tonStock: 6175 Tn

Commercial Riba Farré, SA

International Trade Non-ferrous metals.

We are dedicated to the commercialization of non-ferrous metals, we are specialized in import and export, as metal wholesalers endorse us more than 80 years of experience, with close relationships that we have developed over the years, both with suppliers and with customers .

The material is sold and purchased in accordance with the specifications and regulations of international trade.

Medical experience

We were born in 1940, a time when the sector was very different from today.

Human team

The humane treatment and motivation of our professionals are key points.


The recovery of non-ferrous metals is our sector.


Get maximum satisfaction from our customers.

Metal Bag

Check today's price and its stock, in an interactive way. Day to day metal bag, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Nikel and Tin

Metal Bag of the day 26/03/2020
Metal Morning Today's Quote ($ / Tn) Stock (Tn)
(Cu) Copper 26/03/2020 4775,50 224375
(Zn) Zinc 26/03/2020 1831,50 74075
(Pb) Lead 26/03/2020 1659,00 71125
(Al) Aluminum 26/03/2020 1507,50 1112575
(Ni) Nikel 26/03/2020 11221,00 229518
(Sn) Tin 26/03/2020 1831,50 6175

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    About us

    We specialize in the treatment of consumer products out of use, as well as in the integral management of industrial waste and in the recovery of scrap metal in general. Cover our customers' supply needs with guarantees and provide waste management services to companies with maximum efficiency at any geographical point in the Iberian Peninsula.

    Latin America