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Updated the 11 / 08 / 2022 Copper Quotation: 7885.66 € / TnStock: 126525 Tn Zinc Quotation: 3609.5 € / TnStock: 74100 Tn Lead Quotation: 2117.25 €Stock: 38800 Tn Aluminum Quotation: 2418.6 € / TnStock: 282700 Tn Nickel Quotation: 22388.57 € / TnStock: 56244 Tn Tin Quotation: 24055.23 € / TnStock: 3990 Tn Updated the 11 / 08 / 2022 Copper Quotation: $ 8138.00 / tonStock: 126525 Tn Zinc Quotation: $ 3725.00 / tonStock: 74100 Tn Lead Quotation: $ 2185.00 / tonStock: 38800 Tn Aluminum Quotation: $ 2496.00 / tonStock: 282700 Tn Nickel Quotation: $ 23105.00 / tonStock: 56244 Tn Tin Quotation: $ 24825.00 / tonStock: 3990 Tn

About Us

Commercial and Business Riba Farré

It was created in 1940 and since then it has developed its activity in the non-ferrous metal recycling sector.

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We are specialized in the recovery of scrap metal in general. Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Lead, Zinc ... 



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Commercial and Business Riba Farré, SA

International Trade Non-ferrous metals.

We are dedicated to the commercialization of non-ferrous metals, we are specialized in import and export, as metal wholesalers endorse us more than 80 years of experience, with close relationships that we have developed over the years, both with suppliers and with customers .

The material is sold and purchased in accordance with the specifications and regulations of international trade.


We were born in 1940, a time when the sector was very different from today.

Human team

The humane treatment and motivation of our professionals are key points.


The recovery of non-ferrous metals is our sector.


Get maximum satisfaction from our customers.

Metal Bag

Check today's price and its stock, in an interactive way. Day to day metal bag, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Aluminum, Nikel and Tin

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Multiplication of loaves and fishes (Revista Recupera 125)

07/06/2022 | Xavier Ribá | Editorial
On May 19, the seventh edition of the Networking del Gremi took place. In a place worthy of the best sybaritic Benedictine monk, the monestir of Sant Benet de Bages, we convene our annual meeting with relevant assistance, both from our sector group and from the environmental administration. With the presence of the Director of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya, Mr. Isaac Peraire i Soler, I opened the session by thanking the Catalan administration for its willingness to allow us to collaborate in the draft of the new Catalan waste law, in the different groups of work in which we collaborate (such as in the development of the SDR), as well as the impulse that the subsidy lines represent for the sector that allow innovating in its production processes and obtaining secondary raw materials. And that is where I invited the new director to transform his agency from his own name as a symbol of a transformation that the administration must make…

Drive my car (Recover 124 Magazine)

05/04/2022 | Xavier Ribá | Editorial
Last March we were part of a Benchmarking trip to Denmark and Sweden focused on the world of waste and the circular economy. Organized by ACCIÓ and ARC, some 20-odd people from different companies and areas involved in waste management in Catalonia participated. ACCIÓ (which sadly, some media trivialized as the embassies of Catalonia) is the agency for the competitiveness of the company of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Created in 1987 as COPCA and transformed into ACCIÓ in 2010. Attached to the Department of Business and Labor. It is the benchmark for contributing to the transformation of Catalan companies. It has a network of 40 offices around the world, 7 delegations in Catalonia and collaborates with public and private institutions to promote the company of tomorrow today. Returning to the expedition, what surprised us most on arrival at the airport in Denmark was to find a world without masks. Neither QR controls nor masks. To be honest, …

From Russia with heartbreak (Revista Recupera 123)

20/02/2022 | Xavier Ribá | Editorial
At this time of year, company managers rack their brains to prepare the budget for the upcoming year. Historical resources are used to calculate a future projection. Income is extrapolated based on a new production line, a commercial campaign, etc. Or, as one manager told me, "we stick a finger out the window and depending on the temperature and the wind, we plan the budget for the coming year." In this case, it was not a fashion company, who could be affected by time, who humorously explained to me that they did not follow any sophisticated technique. It was a multinational company in the food sector. I once read in a salmon-page newspaper that a Japanese multinational did it using tarot cards. Beyond frivolous comments on how to prepare budgets, it is becoming more complicated every day for any sector due to the growing uncertainties in our economy. Not only because of the CO…


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    We specialize in the treatment of consumer products out of use, as well as in the integral management of industrial waste and in the recovery of scrap metal in general. Cover our customers' supply needs with guarantees and provide waste management services to companies with maximum efficiency at any geographical point in the Iberian Peninsula.

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