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Recycling is not done properly despite information campaigns

A quarter of the waste going to the yellow container , packaging , poorly selected, despite information campaigns | Some parts take a collection system easier recyclables | ECOEMBES says recycling plants are designed to accommodate containers , not any material. The new campaign Envas on going? Promoted by the Generalitat , has again hammered the ears of citizens with advertising that teaches how to separate garbage at home and facilitate recycling . The reiteration of the message is evidence that 15 years after selective collection campaigns began, citizens still have questions about how to perform this task. Why? , Is it so complicated is , will it misses the citizen or the system? , Is could make everything more simple? Last year, the campaign was starring The Mamzelles , who had an eye-catching choreography and a chorus serving an irritant largest known attempt to do a mental reset the citizen point . Objective ? ? Banish the preconceived idea that the yellow container used for plastics, metals and other materials. The yellow container is reservedexclusively for packaging ! , Whether metal , plastic or bric . Now , the tone of the new campaign has changed , it has become more friendly (using the figure of the popular Oscar Dalmau and school children ) but the goal is the same . And , despite appearances, this is not child's play . And what is the reason for such insistence ? Manufacturers are those who put products on the market packaged (plastic or metal) and contributing a small amount (which then pays the customer) to take charge of these residues through ECOEMBES entity. Put another way : in the yellow container products that have been funded by ECOEMBES collected. Moreover, this approach has been adapted treatment plants and recycling. The goal has now been thus reinforce acquired habits and reduce the volume of poorly selected " inappropriate " material yellow igloo , says Josep Maria Tost , director of the Waste Agency . Thanks to the campaign last year , the percentage of unfit decreased from 30.2% (2012 ) to 26% -27 % (2013 ) . System deficiencies But the high level of improper yellow container is proof of the shortcomings of the system of selective collection , so some sectors suggest an easier model to encourage the recycling of packaging not only , but of all recyclable materials. For example , in the case of organic matter ( more simply collected ) , the percentage of 14% improper round the container half . Relegate some materials The " still tends to relegate those recyclable metal , glass or plastic waste, by the mere fact that , not being containers are not accepted in the yellow container ," says Victor Mitjans , director of studies at the Fundació per the Prevenció of Residus . Mitjans questions the idea of ​​having " inappropriate " material . " That is not a material container does not mean you can not be recycled. Improper Half called as plastic, metal or glass could be perfectly recyclable ," he adds . "What we should define whether a material is accepted or not in the separate collection container is if recyclable, and it is a container or not," he adds. Opinion Eoembes ECOEMBES replicates the design and size of the sorting and recycling plants are designed and adapted to receive containers , explains Antonio Barron, director of Communication . " Retrieve products other than containers require adaptation of plants to receive and separate them ," he argues . Currently , he says, are being conducted to analyze the feasibility of hosting all these materials and , if so , assess the necessary changes and increased costs involved . "Meanwhile, these products currently have a network of deixalleries to be recovered ," says Barron. Who brings new costs? Now, assume the packers extracostes selective collection of packaging , so any system change would require that municipalities would provide more resources , or include manufacturers of other products on the financing of the collection . Advocates mitjans copy the German model , with which it is possible to deposit a wide range of recyclable materials ( showers, a pot of plastic toys). Ah ! BTW: The old pan should go to green dot ( the deixalleria ) becausethe pan is not a container ! And the Packers have nothing to do . The 31 % recycled The Catalans collect 31% of light packaging consumed , although the net collection ( minus unfit ) is 23%. To this must be added the recovery of containers taken to treatment plants without prior separation and collected the unique (festivals , airports, football matches in some cases ... ) , which allows you to recover 55% ( according to Agència Residus ) . However, the Fundació per la Prevenció Residus estimated that this figure should not exceed 40 %. According ECOEMBES , in 2012, the recycling rate for packaging in Spain rose to 70.3 %, two points higher than that obtained in 2011. This percentage than in 2012 1.199.775 tonnes of packaging (11 kilos per capita per year ) were recycled . ECOEMBES data correspond exclusively to companies associated with this entity.

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