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Waste generation per person fell by 8.1% in Catalonia during 2012

Waste generation per person has fallen by 8.1 % in Catalonia over the last year , from 1.47 kg per capita per day that were generated in 2011 to 1.35 kg in 2012 , a downline that repeats since 2006 , when it peaked at 1.64 kilograms - the decline in six years is 17.6 % - . At a press conference , the director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia ( ARC ) , Josep Maria Tost , has related this fall with a "change of habits of citizens ," especially since the advent of the crisis in 2008, with a stop 600,000 people and the consequent fall in consumption , since the figures are similar to those which existed a decade ago. In absolute terms , Catalunya last year generated 3.73 million tons of municipal waste , a figure which represents a 7.69 % less than last year, even though the population increased by 0.42 %. The ARC start territorialized explanation of the figures with the emphasis on the need to improve quality and reduce improper recycled material , which has started in the Barcelona metropolitan area , which accounts for 67 % of the population of Catalonia , which generates 61% of total waste and recycle up to 57 % of the waste , Tost indicated . PAPER AND GLASS RECYCLED AS In fact , although 36.5 % selectively collected waste , the actual amount once separated from the improper stands at 30.8 % , a figure that ranges from 27.8 % in coastal areas and more tourism and 33% of the Baix Llobregat , where best is recycled . For materials , each Catalan generated in 2012 a total of 43.8 kilograms of organic fraction , 23.6 kilograms of paper and cardboard, glass 17.6 9.62 packaging . The drop in numbers occurred in all materials, but especially in the case of paper and cardboard , a material which was collected in 2012 about 127,000 tonnes compared to 200,000 tonnes in 2008, has blamed Tost "basically the issue of theft " , especially in commercial areas . In fact, during the last year the collection of paper and cardboard has fallen 22 % , but in some municipalities with commercial areas this reduction was up to 90 % , a competition that the director of the ARC is recalled that the municipalities and of each local police , so who stressed the importance of increased vigilance laxer municipalities to not generate an illegal network of carriers and operators. NEW MANAGEMENT PLAN Tost has revealed that the ARC is working on drafting the new waste management plan 2013-2020 , which subdue confident public information before the end of the year to be approved in 2014 . The new plan aims to end the reorganization of Catalunya in infrastructure , with the completion of the last major work in 2016 , as well as making a " reflection of costs" for each municipality knows what it takes to manage their waste. Tost has advanced presumably the canon of 12.4 euros municipalities now pay for putting a ton of garbage in the landfill if not recycled by 2020 placed between 30 and 50 euros , a rise that will have to " agree and schedule " to encourage recycling and recovery of raw materials , said . The ARC director has said that the objective of this increase will not be a finalist for increasing revenues of the Government, but "do more expensive to go to the dump " and recycle the most , especially in a sector that despite the crisis continues to grow and already has 25,000 farm worker and a thousand companies in Catalonia , which generate about 14,000 million euros a year.

Fuente: http://www.elperiodico.com/es/noticias/sociedad/generacion-residuos-por-persona-cae-catalunya-durante-2012-2760889

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