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Promoting recycling aluminum

The steel company Arzyz promotes the recycling of aluminum in order to protect the environment . Currently , in Mexico 180 cans per person per year are discarded , however , if they were recycled 10 150 million pesos a year would save on raw materials. " Sorting this way the metallic waste and locating the nearest collection centers , give new life to aluminum instead of generating more trash , with a shared effort can go further each day ," said Xavier Margáin Roberto Santos , CEO of ARZYZ . ARZYZ processes the metal for 34 years and has recently invested more than $ 50 million in technology for the recycling of aluminum , the aluminum industry by offering high quality that can be used to manufacture products in the automotive, packaging , construction, steel , technology, wiring , appliances , among others. Under the International Earth Day , celebrated April 22 , Margáin Santos explained the benefits of aluminum recycling for environmental care . Among the benefits highlighted that primary aluminum production uses various natural sources, such as coal , natural gas , petroleum , bauxite elements, among others , so that for every tonne of aluminum thrown away is necessary to remove four tons of bauxite. The International Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and was established to raise awareness among the population about the extent of the problems and ecological damage in the world, such as climate change , exploitation of natural resources , global warming , contamination of groundwater, among many others that have been generated by the excessive increase in population and lack of care from large industries in the world, said the manager . The aluminum recycling industry helps in the conservation of this and all the elements to not need them back into production . The production process for the transformation of virgin metal elements consume large amounts of energy and generates waste that contaminate soil and water, same as completely avoided by recycling aluminum. The manager also mentioned that saves approximately 95 percent of energy to produce recycled aluminum compared with that used for the production of primary aluminum. The recycling process produces only 5 percent of the carbon dioxide compared to that generated during the production of primary aluminum, this percentage is also adds saving cycle emissions from extraction and transportation to the production plant . Margáin Santos said the waste generated by industries, businesses and individuals is accumulated in deposits that damage the environment. The collection and recycling of metal waste helps reduce large amounts of waste that would not be reused would take over 500 years to disintegrate . You recycle , he said, is one of the most important processes to help care for the planet and has opened up new business opportunities.

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