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The WEEE-Trace project is above 20,000 tonnes of WEEE managed with comprehensive traceability

Since its inception just three years ago, the Eco- Innovation Project WEEE -Trace , led by Ecolec Foundation has managed with comprehensive traceability over 20,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment ( WEEE) . A full system deployment phase , which was intended to increase the amount of " electronic waste " managed , follow your itinerary at any time and parallel circuits to prevent leakage or uncontrolled illegal . A system that , in addition to controlling the management of WEEE , their follow-up and monitor flows , significantly reduces the processing and administrative documentation related to the processes of recycling WEEE. The WEEE -Trace Project , elected on March 1, 2011 by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and European Innovation (EACI ) runs until July 2014. An initiative led by MCCTELECOM Ecolec and supplier of technological solution, based on the latest technology ( radio frequency identification and tagging , geolocation and even video recording ) to improve control of waste electrical and electronic equipment and support the requirements of the EU in order to increase the rates of collection and reuse , recycling and recovery. In October 2012, the pilot project and then managed its first thousand units fully drawn . A year later, in 2013, reached 10,000 tons and now it six months after that mark, have exceeded 20,000 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment managed with this innovative system that controls the WEEE from where chain appears management Foundation Ecolec until recycling occurs . Currently on the period of deployment of the solution in the reverse logistics chain Ecolec , with 79 collection points, 25 logistics operators and 59 treatment plants in excess of the amounts initially committed . Trace WEEE aims to fulfill two objectives ; First , environmental , an increase of 39% in the controlled recycling; a reduction of 34% in CO2 emissions (as a result of improvements in recycling and logistics); and one drop , the CFC emissions , in this case 12% ; the second of the end is marked by a return on investment estimated at three years; 5% reduction in cost, reduce fraud, and his great ability to replicate . About the WEEE -Trace project The WEEE -Trace project was selected in 2011 by AECI , the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Commission within the CIP -Eco- Innovation Programme ( an initiative that contributes to products, processes or innovative ideas that have environmental benefits and protect the environment applicable solutions under real conditions for translation to the market) . This initiative not only allows the EU to meet its environmental challenges but encourages the competitiveness of industry and economic development.

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