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Technological innovation for recycling metals from mobile

A group of Catalan researchers have created a new technology that recovers metals such as cobalt , gold , silver , palladium , lithium or Indian obsolete phones, which are necessary for the creation of new phones and tablets and are considered strategic for European industry . It also entails reducing the impact on the environment in mining extraction of these metals to manufacture phones. This technology was first introduced at Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) in Catalonia Stand (App Planet ) by the Catalan Institute of Applied Creativity and Technological Innovation Research ( ARTIC ), which adds the skills of Barcelona Media , International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering ( CIMNE ) and CTM Technological Centre . The technique allows hydrometallurgical recovery is a process that applied in the mobile world allows the separation of materials and treatment to find them new jobs , retaining every feature value and purity . Thus , it is possible to recycle metals like cobalt , gold , silver or lithium are considered as strategic , since removal is not unlimited and increasingly mobile devices on the market given the continued growth in the number of people using smartphones and tablets throughout the world, with a level of obsolescence is increasing. Researchers have developed the technique , Miquel Rovira and Frederic Clarens, CTM Technological Centre Foundation, emphasized that " reduces the environmental impact involved the extraction of metals and helps alleviate the dependence on imports " of these materials. " Each mobile is a small mine , very relevant for strategic metals industry " , so bet on recovery reverses the availability of these elements , say .

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